Sunday, July 13, 2008

Laura's Review - Out Stealing Horses

Out Stealing Horses
Per Petterson
258 pages

Trond Sander is a 67-year-old widower living with his dog in a remote cabin in Norway. He enjoys the solitude and takes pleasure in small things, like the physical activity associated with chopping wood, walking his dog, or making a meal. As he works, he revisits significant events from his wartime childhood. Events originally seen through the eyes of a child come into sharp focus when seen from his adult perspective: his father's work as a courier for the resistance movement, the devastating impact of a child's death, and the complex relationships between adults in his life.

Petterson's writing is terrific; the language is beautiful. He weaves the stories of Trond's present and past together seamlessly. The language has a particular rhythm to it, like waves lapping on the side of a boat. And yet it's also impossible to put down and has a strong emotional pull: I felt extreme sadness for losses in Trond's life, and at the same time I felt the peace and acceptance he had achieved.

Highly recommended ... not to be missed. ( )
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