Friday, January 18, 2008

The Septembers of Shiraz - Dalia Sofer

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This was a touching and tragic story of a man who has worked his way into privilege and wealth from humble beginnings only to lose it all when the winds of government change directions. Touching because we see the bonds of family strengthened. Tragic because we are witness to the suffering and death of innocent people.

Not only do we experience the sufferings of Isaac and the prisoners but also that of Isaac's family.

His wife Farnaz, who at one point wonders how she had married such a man, realizes how much she misses Isaac and has taken him for granted.

Son Parviz is safe in America going to college but he is drifting through his life unable to focus because he has lost the anchor that is his family.

Daughter Shirin is just nine years old but risks her life and her family's safety in an impulsive act to help people she doesn't know.

I though the author did a good job of showing the grief, shame and injustice of what the entire family felt at going from positions of prestige and authority to losing everything and fleeing for their life. The book also dealt with complex issues such as mortality, family ties, loyalty, and faith. This was a very worthwhile read. (4/5)

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